zachary feinstein

zachary s feinstein, phd, abd | senior methodologist

Zach has worked for some of the largest global market research companies in the industry. His most recent tenure was 12 years with Harris Interactive.

His client-focused methodological skills include designing and implementing experiments and research using statistical techniques in conjoint analyses, multiple regression, discriminant, factor and cluster analysis, and loglinear modeling. Given his Psychometric experience, he also has an active role in survey development and testing.

Other methods and analyses that Zachary regularly utilizes include predictive segmentation; multiple classification analyses like CHAID, discriminant analyses, etc.; bias correction techniques; importance assessment; partial least squares modeling; and structural equation modeling. Zach is also proficient in multiple table-producing platforms and has presented seminars to companies such as Microsoft on using SPSS as an efficient statistical platform. He uses SAS on a regular basis and was a participant in the Choice-Modeling course taught at MIT.

Zachary has a BA from the Kent State University Honors Program in Psychology. He taught an Introduction to Statistics course at the University of Minnesota and worked on multiple projects while completing his Ph.D. in Psychometrics at that university.

Clients he has worked and developed relationships with include McDonald’s, Microsoft, Intuit, Hewlett Packard, Sprint, BP, Ford Motor Company, Mack Trucks, UPS, Emerson Process Management, American Family Life Insurance, Marriott, and the Chemical Abstracts Society.